Simply Specials ~ Microblading & Permanent Makeup Offers

Brows offer

Soft and Natural, Beautiful Brows

Yep, it just gets better. Ombre or powder fill brow, for that perfect soft looking brow.

$249 – First Session
$79 – Follow-up Session

Permanent eyeliner offer

Soft and natural Eyeliner

Eyeliner that looks natural, never over done and always a soft and pretty finish.

$249 – First Session
$79 – Follow-up Session
(Upper and lower liner or upper or lower only)

Or choose the Medium or Smokey Eyeliner –

$249 – First Session
$79 – Follow-up Session

Price is for upper and lower or upper or lower only, and include 2 sessions.

Microblading eyebrows offer

Hair Stroke Brow - Microblade or Digital nano-blading

Hair stroke brows may be a great solution to over plucked or sparce brows. We can create the illusion of individual hair strokes with microblading or digital machine nano-blading. $249 – First Session
$150 – Follow-up Session
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