Learn to Pierce 3 day workshop

Piercing Minimum requirements for our program are:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Completion of online Bloodborne pathogens training.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine or signed Declination form.

First Steps

  • Interview scheduled and deposit paid
  • Body art specific OSHA approved Bloodborne Pathogens Training (BBP)
  • Hepatitis Declination (form is an OSHA requirement.)
  • Online Zoom meetings (Wednesday and Thursday 4-6 PM)

Second Step

Body Piercing Basic Course. This is a 3 day introduction to body piercing live class. The course covers:

  • Hygiene
  • Sterilization
  • Cross Contamination Control
  • Piercing Techniques
  • Appropriate Jewelry
  • Aftercare and more

After you have completed this course you may be eligible for an apprenticeship.


An apprenticeship is NOT part of the training.   The training is designed to gain apprentice opportunities. 

Students may or may not choose to do an apprenticeship with us or at another studio.  Apprenticeships can be weeks, month or years depending on each studios policies and requirements.  It may or may not be a paid position, again this varies by studio.  Typically in an apprenticeship you will spend time learning about body jewelry, sterilization and running an autoclave, there may be required reading, observation and supervised hands on piercing, working with a mentor.

Training and Prices

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Next Workshop dates

New Date for JUNE 2023!

June 2023

In-studio June 23 -25   from 10am to 6pm

Zoom meeting  June 21,  from 4 – 6 

Students are required to view our online 2 hour workshop prep video

Piercing rings

Training and Prices

About the piercing workshop

Our Basic workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about body piercing, this workshop will help you to develop piercing skills. The Basic Course is appropriate for beginners, apprentices, and established piercers with any level of experience.

This is a non accredited course.  It is not approved by any licensing or governing body. Body Art Piercing is an art form. Participation in the course does not guarantee the opportunity to work in the industry. This course is designed as an introduction to basic piercings.

For those wishing to be an apprentice at Simply Body Art, an interview is required. Interviews can
be done in person at the studio on online with a zoom meeting.

Pre course requirements

  1. A current Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) training certificate.  This short course is taken online, the cost is generally around $25. A list of approved BBP training vendors will be provided with enrollment deposit.  Fees are paid directly to the BBP course vendor (The online course generally takes 2 hours to complete.)
  2. A signed hepatitis B vaccination declination form (which we will provide as part of the enrollment process). Or proof of hepatitis vaccination.
  3. Students must be at least 18 years of age.


Price for the course is $999. A non-refundable deposit of $400 to hold your seat, with the balance due 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. Deposit is non-refundable. Deposit includes $200 registration fee and $200 book and material fee.

Piercing training course


Piercing Basic Training is offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hours are from 10am to 6pm. Class size is limited. Your deposit reserves your seat.

One zoom meeting is included, additionally there is a 2 hour video for the student to watch prior to the workshop.  We cover important information and allow the students to interact with the instructor in advance of hands on class, this is a time when students can ask questions and learn about tools, tray set up, historical information and gain more understanding to get the most value in the hands on training days. Zoom meeting is done the Wednesday evening prior to the workshop  from 4 – 6 pm (GMT -7)

This course covers the basics of body piercing, live lecture, with hands on practice, some observation of some of the most basic piercings, you will do supervised piercings practice on models.

You will receive a certificate of completion provided you pass the exam. The certificate is NOT a piercing license. This is our required course for any prospective Apprentice.

Course Subjects include: Brief History of Piercing, Human Anatomy as it pertains to body piercing; Bedside Manner; Pain Control; Jewelry selection; Tools & Disposables; Piercing Fundamentals; Piercing Aesthetics (Marking & Placement); Health & Safety (Principles & Practices); Techniques for Body Piercings; Piercing Aftercare. Options for apprenticeships. Instruction on how to use the piercing log

Piercings: During the course, each student is required to perform at least two piercings under the close supervision of an instructor. Students are encouraged to receive demonstration and/or practice piercings (permanent or temporary) during the workshop.

Materials: Students receive a copy of “The Piercing Bible, by Elayne Angel, Notebook with piercing apprentice log, reference materials that include and Health & Safety Manual, jewelry selection, and a Certificate of Attendance is included

Piercing rings

Apprenticeships at Simply Body Art

Not every student will qualify to Apprentice at Simply Body Art.  Interview is required.  If you expect to apprentice with us, a pre course interview must be done prior to signing up for the workshop, and you must complete the piercing workshop and final exam. Apprentice interviews may be done in person on online via Zoom meeting.  A application and questionnaire will be provided in advance of the interview.

Apprentices work for the opportunity to learn, and are on a regular work schedule.  We have a written agreement the identifies what you do and what we do in exchange for your time and work. Apprentices general earn a percentage of each piercing fee.  This is not a drop in when you have time opportunity. Schedules are mutually agreed to with your mentor. Expect to spend  6 weeks  2 –  3 days a week.  Apprentices will be evaluated on a regular basis by their mentor, the apprenticeship may be terminated by either party.

Duties of the apprentice vary and my include, counter customer service, autoclaving instruments, packaging jewelry, cleaning, tray setup, social media marketing and general studio opening and closing procedures.

We apprentice using APP Guidelines (Association of Professional Piercers) 100 hours of observation, with no fewer than 50 piercings in various locations.  Apprentices are required to keep a daily log of all hours, duties and piercings.

Completion in our Apprentice program does not guarantee you a position in our studio, or in any studio, however, it will give you a foundational  education and opportunity to learn.

Apprenticeships at other Body Art studios

Every studio has its own policies with regards to apprenticeships, every city, county and states have different regulations on the Body Art Industry. It is up to the student to research the opportunities and legal requirements in the area where you will be working.

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